How to create a design?

To create web designs for your websites, you first need to create websites.

This portion of the tutorial assumes that you already have created at least one website.


In your Webb24h account, locate the sidemenu and click on Websites. 

You will be taken to the websites screen.

On the website screen, select the website you would like to create designs for and click on Edit.

You will be taken to the Website Editor welcome screen.


On the Website Editor welcome screen, select a design frame you would like to customize.

Select Online Store if you want to create online stores and sell online

Select Professional if you want to create websites for corporate. Example of corporate websites (real estate, company website, non-profits,etc)

Select Blogs to create blogs and write articles online

Select Forums to create a question and answer platform like Reddit and other social media forums in the same liking

Select Classifieds to create classified websites like Craiglist and other classifieds websites in the same liking

Select Music to create music streaming website platforms to upload your music or allow people to upload their music

Select Photo to create albums and visual portfolios of your art

Select Custom to start completely from scratch with a blank page