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24 ways Technology will advance your business


1.  Time Scheduling 

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Scheduling one's time is not always easy. People forget things or they get distracted. Technology in the form of Apps and software. Providing us with notifications for meetings and due dates of projects. 61% of firms use software and other programs to schedule meetings and see what employees are doing to keep the company running smoothly. 

2.  Progress Reports 

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Progress reports are important for investors and for upper management to make future decisions about the company. Within the company's framework, there could be a streaming and filing system to allow external and internal representatives to have a clear indication of where more resources should be allocated.  This also allows for an environment where sharing information and teamwork is more important than one single person's work.

3.  Budgeting Our Company

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Using online invoicing and processing payments will allow for the company to see what makes up the profit and loss. When looking at the digital version of your financials then you know where the company's money is going and how to cut cost if one notices that there are expenses that the company has that are not needed. Additionally, books can be duplicated and manipulated as a strategy to increase your profits and lower costs. 

 4. Marketing Plans 

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Marketing plans are great to keep online and an important part of a company. Companies use marketing plan software to assign and motivate the marketing team to accomplish a goal. The goal of marketing is to increase revenues and clientele. When one uses Marketing planning software you are keeping a direct line between the lower levels of marketing to the highest level. 

5.  Social Media is Powerful

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Social Media is a powerful weapon that many companies underestimate. Social media can connect with people that one single advertisement cannot. Though traditional advertising is important because it is not online not everyone will be able to see it. People spend closer to 75% of their day on social media whether that be Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, or Wechat, and that is where they see most of their advertising because of the algorithms that link what they search or talk about with advertising. 

6.  Blogging Your Business 

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Using online forms such as blogs and Reddit are ways to increase your content and your brand to other places. Keeping to your sites and social media is fine but when your followers and connections are low then you need to push your brand to other places. Blogging what your business represents and the products that it provides lets clients know that you as a company know what you are doing and who you want to be clients. 

7.  Webinars; let's connect 

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Webinars connect new clients with your company. It is a free way to boost morale and have an open conversation with future clients. You can motivate them and get their opinions and ideas about what they want and what you offer as a company. It is important to find where the company needs to go for the clients and have their best interest at the heart of its foundation. When a company does a webinar then they are expressing how the company can help clients achieve their goals. 


8. Message Boards 

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Everyone sends emails even when it is only a single question or a small update. However, there are better ways of communicating internally for everyday use. Message boards allow for open communication within the company and building relationships where otherwise they would not be. Keeping a close relationship within the company is good when it is small because you want all the gears to work together and not create friction. 

9.  Chat Rooms 

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Chatrooms for instant help or instant knowledge is a customer service tactic that keeps clients interested and takes away the frustration that comes with getting used to a new product or finding the information that you need to be able to achieve that you need. When clients want to know more information sometimes the information is not easy to get at and chatrooms allow for the company representatives to interact and obtain information about the client and their needs.  Additionally, when a chatroom is created then clients can make appointments easier with the company and the representatives already have an idea of what the client is looking for to be able to prep for the meeting.

10. Online Survey and Questionnaires 

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Asking questions and Surveying people will help find out what the company is missing and what people want out of your company. It is raw data that can be filtered to gain intel about the community that you are working with to grow your company. The goal of the survey is to gain information and give information. You want to make it fun for the person who is filling it out because then they will share the survey and more people will fill it out. 

11.  The Mobile Office 

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Having  9 to 5 office hours used to be good enough for any business, but in a 24-hour sociality then your business needs to be 24-hour as well. But you cant live at your office, or can you? Having a mobile office saves people time and give a 24-hour feel for the business. You can provide your services at any time without notice when needed. 

12. Information Exploration 

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People do not know everything and when we are looking for information the first place we go is to a search engine ( Google, Bing, Safari, etc).  It is important to have information about your company available online. Having companies such as Scamadviser review your company gives others a sense of comfort and trust before using your company. When you increase your search engine optimization your business is going to have a better chance of coming up in organic searches. 

13. Mobile Applications 

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Accessibility at any point in time has become necessary in today's world.  As fast as the thought pops into one's head, your company needs ready and easy to access. Creating a mobile application to go with your company will increase new customers that can connect with you quickly. With a mobile application, you are bringing an open and direct line of contact for both you as a company and the client. 


14. Cloud Computing 

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While having a mobile application will increase your availability using cloud computing will allow for multiple people to have access to the system without the server crashing. This will increase productivity and accessibility for the company when paired with the mobile application ( stated above). Besides, the risk of losing information or losing clients due to a faulty connection decreases. 

15.  Protect Your Assets 

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Though the internet is very convenient for building new products and creating new business, it can also be an unsafe place with hackers and identity theft on the rise. On the other hand, the same place that is problem occurs is where you are going to find the solution. Protecting your online assets with programs on the internet will help with keeping your company secrets a secret. With firewalls and anti-theft software. you could have a computer that is more secure than the President of the United States. 

16.  It's Payday

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Payday is important for everyone. Money is how we can live and do just about anything. Very little in the world is free and for business making checks and mailing them out or having employees pick them up has a price tag to it. Banks are becoming more environmentally friendly and are expecting their clients to follow their example. To help with cost and keeping many employees happy companies are doing online payments to pay others and put money in the bank., making everything wireless keeps an online paper trail needed for tax season and allows for your business to make many payments at once cutting time spent on payday processing payments. 

17. Business to business relations

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Businesses are everywhere and when you are trying to move a product sometimes it is not in the same city or even the same country. When you run your business using technology such as skype or Uberconference then you can connect to several different vendors. This will increase your sales because you will be able to get products that similar companies are unable to obtain. 

18. Rat Race With 3.5 Billion People

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3.5 billion people use the internet every day around the world and they are all looking at how to make money. From the riches to the poorest countries people are always trying to get ahead. Using technology is one of the fastest and easiest ways to increase revenue whether you have a small shop or you own an empire. 

19. Have a Company But Can't Afford the Space?

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In a traditional business, people often have a store and keeping a shop open can be very expensive with bills and a lease. When a business is moved online, there is little overhead cost. You pay for the domain every month which is lower than a monthly hydro bill let alone a lease or other bills that you need to pay to have an operational office. When a company is online, you can still have the inventory that is needed and customers will still see it online plus it can be sent to them or be available for pick up.

20. What's Your Talent?

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Bringing your business into a new technology age by adding new software, adding hardware, or opening a new website can bring new talents out in you and give new opportunities to your business. You may have a skill that you didn't know which could be a service that your growing and changing business can provide.

21. Expand Your Company

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Company's like to expand, the point is for it to be an ever-growing organism. But it needs to keep adapting to survive and in an ever-changing environment, companies need to adjust to what consumers want. Adding Square and the ability to Tap is an asset that many companies have learnt needs to be apart of their everyday sales. This is because society is on the go at all times which means your company cannot stand alone; it also needs to be on the go and be ready at any time.

22. Limitless reach 

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Technology is changing rapidly and your company can have the limitless reach, it doesn't have to be only local or nation but international. You can service anyone around the world and if the technology does not exist for exactly what your business offers; don't worry! It will soon!!! 

23. Business Is In Technology!

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Your company is part of the solution! Businesses promote technology growth as much as technology promotes business growth. They work hand in hand. Businesses provide services that need technology to work such as using Shopify, Kijiji, Craigslist, or cloud networking. Businesses then push for better services and updates for their needs which advance software or program that is being used. 

24. Algorithms And Sales  

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Algorithms are used online to sort data and obtain optimal results. Google is the most recognizable company that uses an algorithm to give search results. When you understand a companies algorithm you can use it to boost your company to be more well-known instead of being the best-kept secret. The more recognizable your company is the more sales and clients you will acquire. 




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