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24 Jobs That Might Disappear In The Future

Is your job immune from automation?

I know what you may be thinking right now "my job is safe, an artificial intelligence can never replace me, what I do is too complex".

Well, let's find out. Here is a list of 24 jobs endangered by the new web of things.

All statistics in this article are a courtesy of Oxford University.

1. Driver


Bus, taxi and truck drivers have an 89% probability of being replaced by automation. While it may take couple few more years for those mechanical giants to be fully safe automated self-driving machines, the new web of things already allows people to order drivers online with their computer or smartphone, without human intermediaries. It's just a matter of time before Elon Musk takes over.

2. Baker


Baking is one of those things human beings pride themselves about. We are proud to be the only species on Earth capable of creating delectable magic for the mouth. However, did you know that bakers also have a strong 89% chance of being totally substituted by line operating machines? It is already possible to order all kind of homemade bakeries online using intelligent systems.

3. Real Estate

With the appearance of online software that already people to virtually visit houses and neighborhoods within the comfort of their home, real estate brokers will soon be out of luck. In fact, the more advanced augmented reality will become, the less we will need their help. Technology will allow us to virtually immerse ourselves in the houses we are interested in buying. Real estate brokers have a 97% chance of being replaced by automation.

4. Accountant

When French mathematician Blaise Pascal invented the first adding machine in 1642, I doubt he knew he was giving rise to entire generations of people who now totally rely on those little devices to perform even the simplest math equation. Well, thanks to that. Everyone can now use the new web of things to file taxes faster than any accountant can ever do. And if it was not enough, those online governmental systems allow people to receive their tax returns much quicker. Accountants score high with a 94% probability of being fully automated. The number is even much higher for bookkeeping, accounting and auditing clerks leaving them with a 98% chance.

5. Paralegal

Paralegals and legal assistants are far from being safe from automation. At the moment you are reading this, many law firms are developing online software that able the common man to receive legal advice with the click of a button. There is 94% chance that we might see the disappearance of legal job positions in the near future.

6. Cook

Apparently, cooks should be worried as well. There is 96% probability for restaurant cooks and 94% probability for short order cooks to be substituted by machines and artificial intelligence on the new web of things. We can already order our food online from most our favorite restaurants. I guess the next cost friendly step for restaurant owners is to fully automate the line of work.

7. Cashier

If you live in a country that heavily relies on technology, you are probably noticing more and more automated cashing machines in local stores such as grocery and retail that allow you to scan your items and pay for them without the need for any human cashier. We won't even mention the ever-growing presence of vending machines. Well, if you are a cashier, you have a very high 97% chance of being replaced in the next coming years. It's already happening.

8. Credit Analyst

Anything that can be mathematically calculated by a human being, a software can do better. Credit is no exception. In fact, machines rarely make mistakes, they are non-emotional and can process millions of data in short amounts of time. This leaves credit analysts in the hot water with 98% probability of being replaced by online systems. Credit authorizers, checkers, and clerks also score high with 97% chance.

9. Loan Officer

Loan officers are far from being exempted from the list. Just like credit analysts, they are slowly being replaced by online systems that allow people to be evaluated and receive loads of borrowed money in their bank account in less than 24 hours simply by visiting the new web of things. Loan officers are at the mercy of automation with 98% probability and loan interviewers, clerks with 92%.

10. Salesperson

If you are in sales and you happen to be one who absolutely loves what they do, well, you are out of luck too. Sales workers such as parts salespersons, door-to-door sales workers, and retail sales workers are highly endangered. 98% of all sales positions will be computerized in the near future. We are already experiencing glimpses of this phenomenon with online shopping and online sales recommendations.

11. Bank Teller

Any job involved with calculation is slowly being automated by software. Tellers score high with a 98% chance of being fully automated.

12. Budget Analyst

As we've already stipulated in the last sections, any job position that is related to numbers can easily be done by a machine. Budget analysts have 94% probability of being computerized.

13. Construction Worker

Some people may think that machines will never be able to perform manual labor as precise as a human being can. Wrong. Architecture can already be designed by modeling software. While it may take a few more decades before that happens, construction workers will likely be replaced by automation with 88% chance.

14. Farmer

This may come as a surprise to you, but it is no different from construction workers. Repetitive tasks can be easily automated. After all, it's just a matter of calculating the right ground perimeters. Because of that, farm labor contractors have 97% chance to be computerized and automated.

15. Sewer Maintenance Worker

While you may be wondering who could possibly complain about not having to work the sewers anymore, it is still an income matter for thousands of workers out there. No job should be discriminated. That is exactly what the machines think, leaving sewers maintenance workers with 99% chance to be jobs of the past.

16. Data Entry

Data entry scores very freaking high with 99% probability to be history for human beings. Those are great news if you happen to find that kind of work particularly numbing and exhausting. Bad news if you love your job. Give it just a few couple more years and all data will be fully digital and computerized.

17. Operating Engineer

Operating Engineers and Other Construction Equipment Operators are already teaming up with huge machines. It is just a matter of time before the need for human operators becomes totally obsolete. In fact, statistics say that 95% of operating engineers will be replaced by automation.

18. Photographer

Luckily for them, photographers are safe with a very low 2.1% probability to be automated. However, Photographic Process Workers and Processing Machine Operators are not. They score high with 99% chance.

19. Mathematician

I think we have established by now that machines are much better at mathematics than any human being known to live in this day and age. We already rely on them to process billions of numbers every day. Therefore, it should be no surprise to you to know that mathematical technicians will be replaced by software in the near future with 99% chance.

20. Insurance Broker

Insurance underwriters are already using computer software programs to determine whether an applicant should be approved. This leaves them with a high probability of 99% chance to be replaced and automated. We can expect computers to decide whether to provide insurance, evaluate insurance applications and determine coverage amounts and premiums in the next couple years. Everything will be done online on the new web of things.

21. Librarian

Paperbacks are slowly disappearing in the name of ebooks, which is not necessarily a bad thing for trees and the environment. With 99% chance for all the books to be fully computerized, library technicians can kiss their job positions goodbye, for sure.

22. Fashion Model

Did you know out there on the new web of things that can create fictional but yet very realistic human faces? You heard that right. They can "design" human beings that do not exist anywhere. Well, with the emergence of such software paired with robots such as Sophia, models will see their jobs disappearing with 98% chance.

23. Radio Operator

A Radio Operator operates radio equipment to communicate with ships, aircraft, mining crews, offshore oil rigs, logging camps and other remote operations. They exchange transmission instructions. They already use machines as intermediaries to do their work. It's just a matter of time before large companies replace them with software capable to read maps and coordinate operations better than people. Radio operators can be worried a 98% chance to be automated.

24. Human Resources

Who needs an emotional human being to find the most qualified candidates for a job, when a software can analyze human data much faster and accurately? Well, many firms have already computerized their hiring process on the new web of things. This leaves human resources workers with a 90% probability to be completely replaced in the near future. This is not yet too alarming, but, stills, the number is pretty high.



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