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24 Ways The Internet Is Currently Modeling Society

Is the new web of things helping us progress or is it making us dumber?

With all the negativity and drama we are sometimes being fed online, it could be tempting to say that we are moving backward. The more powerful that computer power gets, the less intelligent the world gets.

Although, it may seem that way, at first sight, is it actually true?

Well, it's something we are attempting to answer the following 24 points.

1. Sexuality

Easy access to online pornography is exposing us to a wider range of sexualities, interests, and kinks. We are more open-minded and respectful of other people sexual preferences.


2. Fame

The internet has given rise to a new kind of fame. With social media, anyone around the world can become famous. It is no longer something reserved to superstars.


3. Friendships

With the new web of things, it is easier for people to keep in touch with their friends. It is also much easier to make new connections and reconnect with old friendships long gone.


4. Business

We start more businesses than ever. In fact, the internet has given rise to an entire generation of online entrepreneurs with big dreams and ideas.


5. Dating

Traditional dating is slowly disappearing in the name of online dating. On a positive note, it allows us to express ourselves more openly to one another and build stronger relationships.


6. Marketing

The new web of things has made marketing much more user-friendly. It is easier now than ever to target specific markets through social media and online research.


7. Employment

The way that we work is slowly changing. With the internet, companies can hire workforce overseas and provide work-at-home opportunities. People are also seeking more work-life balance.



8. Diet

The general population is becoming more conscious of the food they eat. Many individuals are now choosing to strictly adopt a plant-based diet.


9. Shopping

Retail is slowly dying because of online shopping. With the internet, we can now buy and shop whatever we wish, everywhere, whenever we want. Research shows that receiving orders in the mailbox causes our brain to produce oxytocin, the happiness hormone.


10. Entertainment

Entertainment is now possible with the click of a button. Watching movies, downloading music and playing games online is a trend that will probably never fade. We can watch new movies or revisit old classics online for free or for a minimal monthly fee on whatever device we like, be it a computer, a tablet or a phone.


11. World Awareness

Easy access to information is helping us develop world awareness. We are more aware now than ever about how others live around the globe and their different cultures. We are becoming more empathetic and respectful towards one another.


12. Personal Awareness

World awareness has given rise to personal awareness. Observing how others live, help us become conscious of how we live our own personal life. It pushes us to redefine our existence and find our purpose in the Universe.


13. Mental Health

Despite what you may think, we are getting mentally and emotionally better. In fact, the internet allows people to practice self-help online and remain totally anonymous. This causes individuals to solve their problem without feeling judged.


14. Physical Health

The more aware we become, the more our physical health improves. Matter of makes finding personal trainers a breeze. People can now train for free in their living room or bedroom with remote professional assistance. Looking at other people photos on social media also make us seek more adventures outside.


15. Information

Newspapers are losing battles over online research. We now have access to the latest News, gossips, and trends, 24h/7, 365 days a year. All of that at the click of a button, in our pockets.


16. Motivation

For the most part, getting glimpses of other people lives on social media motivates and pushes us to find meaning in our own personal life. The new web of things has also given birth to a new generation of online inspirational speakers and influencers.


17. Connectivity

Although it may seem like we are more disconnected, study shows it is actually quite the opposite. We are more connected than ever. People from all walks of life are now able to connect, share and communicate with one another on the new web of things.


18. Education

The new web of things is slowly changing the educational system. People learn differently and more rapidly. We are now self-educating ourselves online.


19. Environment

The digital era changes the way we interact with the environment. We are printing fewer papers and we are looking at alternative ways to use energy sources. Many people are now driving electric cars and using solar panels.


20. Communication

We communicate more than ever. The new web of things people to express themselves without apology by giving them the opportunity to create communities that share their views on social media or personal blogs.


21. Time

Manmade time is slowly becoming obsolete. In fact, time does not exist on the internet nor do borders. Despite what you may be tempted to think, it has positive impacts on how we live. We are more considerate and appreciative when people make time for us when they finally free themselves from all the noise.


22. Spirituality

The more advanced technology becomes, the more it pushes us to seek some kind of existential truth, be it personal, spiritual or universal.


23. Justice

With the new web of things, people can now share information and react to it rapidly. It has given a medium through which injustice can be openly denounced.


24. Science

Scientific research is now available online to the public. It raises people awareness about the complexity of the world we live in.

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