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  • November, 2019
  • 24 Speculations On How Human Sexuality Will Evolve In The Future

    In a world where computer power doubles approximately every 18 months, everything is moving at a very fast pace.

    Many aspects of our lives are affected by technology, including the way we express our sexuality.

    The current state of the new web of things allows everyone with network access to find lovers and sexual partners online. With how things are evolving right now, it is very unlikely that this trend will ever fade away.

    Matter of fact, in the following article, we are listing 24 speculations on how human sexuality will evolve in the future of the new web of things.

    This article was inspired by the futureofsex.net

    1. Therapeutic Sexbots

    The world's first sexbot, Roxxxy, was engineered by CEO of company True Companion, Douglas Hine, in 2010. Roxxxy is worth 7,735 euros. Since then, many other firms were created. In the near future, 1 in 10 young adults will have had sex with a humanoid robot by 2045.


    2. Biohacking

    Biohackers or also known as Grinders are people who apply the hacker ethic to improve their own bodies with cybernetic devices. In partnership with Ascendance Biomedical, Biohacker Rich Lee is currently developing Lovetron9000, a vibrating implant inserted beneath a man's pubic bone that will deliver strong on-demand vibrations for their partner’s enjoyment. In the next few years, biohacking will be a common thing among people.


    3. Female Viagra

    Around 1 in 10 women lose their sexual appetite during premenopause. To counteract that effect, in August 2015, the FDA has approved the distribution of the first female version of viagra. The drug was created by Sprout Pharmaceuticals and can be purchased for around $800. In the near future, the cost will be much more affordable for the general population.


    4. Sexual Diversity

    There are currently 17 recognized sexual orientations. Within the next few decades, with the coming of the sexbots, the list is most likely to gradually increase, as more people will develop new preferences, and therefore choose to sexually identify themselves differently.


    5. Gender Expressions

    In today's world, ranging from female to male, there are 63 known genders. In the upcoming few years, as technology progresses allowing people to bio-hack their bodies, many more genders will add on to the list.


    6. Contraceptive Innovations

    In the future, men will be able to use Bimek SLV, a spermatic duct valve that regulates the flow of sperm cells in the spermatic ducts. The contraceptive implant will allow males to temporarily switch off sperm production during sexual intercourse.


    7. Sexual Prostheses

    Womb, penile and testicle prosthetic devices are already available as we speak. Men can get testis prosthesis at the Turek Clinics in California. In the closed future, advanced tissue-engineering will allow human beings to customize their internal bodies for personal sexual aesthetic.


    8. Holographic Lovers

    In the next coming decades, intimate video chats with partners will combine remote sex devices and touchable holograms of their lovers. Adding to the physical and visual, advances in neuroscience and biotech will also let you share personal feelings through emotion transmission.


    9. Decline Of Natural Conception

    The future of sex is quite promising as new innovative contraceptions and ways to get pleasure appear in society. This will obviously create the decline of natural conception. More babies will be conceived in what we see today as unconventional ways.


    10. Xenosexuality

    As the list of gender identities and sexual orientations keep growing, and as space colonizations keep establishing on Mars, we will see the growing birth of zenosexuality. People will slowly open themselves up to sexual intercourses between different planetary species. They will meet via interplanetary internet access.


    11. Sexual Neural Headsets

    In the upcoming decade, EEGs or encephalograms will be so technologically advanced that we will be able to have sex telepathically wearing neural headsets. In fact, brain-to-brain devices will allow partners to stimulate each other to reach orgasms directly by 2027.


    12. Erotic Mind Implants

    Brain implants or sensors will tap into pleasure centers in the brain, bringing people new orgasmic heights and allowing them to experience the orgasms of one or several people at the same time. By the year 2027, people will have the possibility to be superhuman sex dolls.


    13. Exoskeleton Suits

    Panasonic is getting ready to sell the first mass-produced robotic exoskeleton for about $5,000. When they become much more affordable in the next coming years, they will allow disabled and unfit persons to perform sexual intercourse.


    14. Fewer Sexual Diseases

    By the time new innovative ways of having sex will have emerged, sexually transmissible diseases won't be as prominent. In fact, in few decades, people will slowly start to feel repelled by the exchange of bodily fluid during sexual intercourses, leading them to have cleaner techno sex.


    15. Remote Sex

    By 2028 over a quarter of young people will have had a long-distance sexual experience.


    16. Smart Sex Toys

    There are already various “smart” vibrators and male sex sleeves, such as Pearl and Onyx devices, that interact with each other through desktop and mobile platforms, mimicking the feeling of physical sex and sending the sensations over long distances, in today's market. In the next few years, smart toys will be common things among people.


    17. Pan-Sensual Social Networks

    Social networks designed for remote sex will become popular, and existing dating apps will embrace touch interfaces. Instead of simply exchanging flirty messages, singles will become intimate and share full-body telepresence from different locales.


    18. 3D Printed Body Parts

    3D-printed body parts of your lover, enabled with touch feedback, will add intense realism to long-distance sex by 2025.


    19. Lab-Grown Genitals

    The Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine has created lab-grown vaginas and penises. In the near future, those organs will be tested on humans.


    20. Adult Chatbots

    The current state of chatbots is quite limited. In a few more years, however, they will be highly intelligent and have various personalities and aim to become more responsive as they converse.


    21. Teledildonic Pleasure Worlds

    Online computer generated sex worlds like Red Light Center attracts millions of users looking to have virtual sex, every year. In just about a few more years, those teledildonic pleasure worlds will support remote sex devices for a more immersive experience.


    22. Sexnet Of Things

    As more objects are becoming connected to the Internet, so will our bodies as people begin using chips and sensors with their brains and genitals to track and improve their sexual health and fitness. Artificial intelligence will then give tailored sex performance coaching.


    23. Artificial Intelligence Lovers

    Advances in cognitive technology will give rise to highly performant artificial intelligence software programs designed for sex. In the next few decades, it will be commonplace for people to have sex with avatars that are entirely computer generated.


    24. Immersive Virtual Sex

    In a few years, the VR industry will be worth billions of dollars in adult entertainment. By the year 2020, people will regularly pair virtual reality and haptic sex toys to fully immersive themselves into adult entertainment. First dates in motion-capture virtual worlds will become popular by 2022. About two years later, people will be able to be anybody, with anybody, enacting impossible fantasies in photo-realistic virtual worlds.

  • 24 Predictions For What Will Occur In The Future Of Internet

    The future of technology makes some of us excited, while it fills others with fear.

    Whether you highly anticipate it with joy or strongly rebut it cringing, the future is nearly inevitable. But, at the end of the day, the choice remains yours.

    You can either embrace the changes and use them to your advantage or reject and fight them. However, it's important to keep in mind that the way you choose to react will affect your professional and personal life.

    In the following sections, we give you a glimpse of 24 predictions for what will occur in the near future of the new web of things over the next 5-20 years.

    This article is inspired by the Internet Society

    1. Augmented Reality

    In the near future, augmented reality will be part of everyday life and business. We will be able to see data in the physical world, making it seem livelier. Experts predict the augmented reality market could be worth billions of dollars by 2024.


    2. Worldwide Internet Access

    Google is planning to spend billions of dollars on satellites that will offer internet access worldwide from space. By 2021, half of the global population will be able to use the new web of things. This represents nearly more than 3 billion users.


    3. Colonization Of Mars

    Elon Musk plans on launching the first manned mission to Mars in 2022. The mission, named Red Dragon, holds for main objective to terraform and colonize the red planet.


    4. Interplanetary Internet

    The International Space Station has been connected to the regular terrestrial Internet since January 22, 2010. In the next upcoming decade, we can expect to see the first interplanetary internet network which is going to be the speed of light.


    5. Smart Homes

    Homes of the future will be autonomous and capable to learn based on habits and behaviors of their residents. They will adapt and adjust to recommendations based on the lifestyle of the people who live in the house. All that information will be stored in the cloud.


    6. Smart Cities

    In 2018, more than half the planet’s population resides in cities. By 2050, over 60% of the world’s population will be living in smart cities. Smart cities possess fully integrated infrastructures, with autonomous vehicles, internet and communication systems, water services, and electrical power grids all connected and unified.


    7. Internet Economy

    Over the course of the past decade, we've seen the creation of several cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin. In the near future, the internet currencies will highly increase in value decreasing the value of money as we know it today.


    8. Mass Customization

    Mass customization is a company's ability to mass produce products that meet specific individual consumer wants and needs. In the upcoming years, the new web of things will allow companies to know exactly what the user wants and needs utilizing user data from the cloud.


    9. Digitalization Of Medicine

    The future of medicine is quite promising. Augmented reality will allow people to have access to accurate medical information on their smart devices. Other groundbreaking technology will provide professionals with precise diagnoses.


    10. Citizen Journalism

    In the next 5 years, citizen journalism will have taken over controlled Media. Anyone who has access to a network and who can afford it will be able to report what is going on and share it online with their phone.


    11. Seamless Connectivity

    In the closed future, wires will be things of the past. We will experience seamless connectivity across devices allowing us faster and better internet access.


    12. Digitalization Of Environments

    In the next two decades, we will see entire environments being digitalized and computerized with lights and information.


    13. Artificial Intelligence

    Far from being a thing from science fiction anymore, artificial intelligence is now part of everyday life. When we surf online, the systems know what we like and make recommendations. In the future, the intelligence of the online systems will have highly increased.


    14. Increasing Cyber Threats

    The more important the internet economy will become, the more numerous will be the attempts at stealing information. In the upcoming years, cybercriminals will target cyberwallets and other valuable cyber data.


    15. Digitalization Of Insurance

    In the next 10-20 years, insurance will be totally computerized stealing jobs from insurance brokers and underwriters. People will be able to receive and ask information in real time on their devices.


    16. Invisible Computer Chips

    Computer power doubles approximately every 18 months. The more powerful it gets, the smaller the computer chip gets. In about 20 years, the computer chip will be so fast, cheap and small that it will be everywhere. We won't even be able to see them with the naked eye.


    17. Affordable Internet Glasses

    The future of smart glasses will be affordable and user-friendly. In fact, Google and Apple are planning on releasing consumer products no later than in a couple of years.


    18. New Media Networks

    As computer power doubles every year and a half, internet expands accordingly. In the near future, we can expect to see new social networks make their appearance to the mainstream.


    19. Digitalization Of Money

    The value of paper money is slowly decreasing. Within the next 20 years, no more money will be printed. All money will soon be computerized on cards and chips.


    20. Digitalization Of Emotions

    In the next coming decades, EEGs or electroencephalograms will be so advanced, they will be capable of capturing and digitalizing human emotions to a precision never known before.


    21. Digitalization Of Law

    The future of law will be digitalized. Paralegals will be replaced by very knowledgeable expert systems capable to provide real-time legal advice and information on smart devices.


    22. Smart Contact Lenses

    If smart glasses are not your thing, well, you are in luck because in 10-20 years or so, smart contact lenses will no longer science fiction. We will be able to see and read encoded data about people and places.


    23. Cloud Market Consolidation

    The cloud is yet just another word for the internet, the new web of things or big data. Well, in the next few years, we will experience the consolidation of the cloud market where every platform and device will be connected and unified.


    24. Digitalization Of Education

    With technology advancing at a fast pace, the need for quality education is ever more critical. The future of education will be a more personalized and individualized school system.

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